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"Grim Fandango is lush and detailed, colorful and creative . . ." -- PC Games


Well, "a fish rots from the head down," they say, and for some reason, people always say they think of me and Grim Fandango when they hear this expression. Probably because I love fish so much! You probably didn't know that but, boy, do I love fish! And that's just one of the fascinating things about me that you can learn by reading my personal and private diary where I tell the dark secrets of what really goes on in the halls of LucasArts! From the dangerous hazing rituals to the unexplainable paranormal phenomena that we see here every day, the Grim Fandango Designer Diaries TELL IT LIKE IT IS! Read them before the government shuts them down! tim2_sm.jpg (10082 bytes)

bonepower_icon.jpg (5032 bytes)06/04/98
Tim gets the dialogue "done" on time and discusses inspiration for game ideas

bonepower_icon.jpg (5032 bytes)01/30/98
Tim whines about his job and then gets down to the business of the proposal process. He also gives us a peek into his office at LucasArts.

bonepower_icon.jpg (5032 bytes)11/05/97
Tim embarks on another adventure - coming up with a new game idea that works!

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